Colombian Decaf Pods

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Just one blend in the Kaldista coffee range.

The purity of Colombian coffee, with all the wonderful flavours retained and only the caffeine removed. Kaldista Decaf gives you a luxuriously smooth coffee or heavenly milk-based drink, because needing to avoid caffeine shouldn’t mean having to drink an inferior blend.


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The aroma of this single-origin Colombian coffee will lead you to expect nothing but the best… and you won’t be disappointed. The perfect choice for moms-to-be or people with caffeine sensitivity.

Kaldista Decaf has a velvety smoothness, excellent body, low acidity and a beautiful hint of sweetness, complemented by chocolatey aromas.

Not all great coffee comes out of an espresso machine.

There are many other brewing methods which you can use in the comfort of your own home. Regardless of your preferred brewing method, what you put in is what you get out.

The first steps to your coffee journey start with any of our excellently roasted blends which have been developed to optimise your chosen brewing method. We have done the hard work so you can enjoy the results. Check out some brewing tips below about some common methods and most importantly, sit down and enjoy your Kaldista coffee.

Kaldista Coffee Filter Coffee Icon

Filter Machine

  • Choose your preferred Kaldista Blend, so ensure you use any of our excellently roasted ground coffees.
  • Use hot water to preheat the flask.
  • Place the filter paper in the brew basket of the machine.
  • Fill up the reservoir with fresh cold water.
  • Fill the basket to the recommended level every 10-15g of coffee for every 200 ml cup.
  • Once water has completed dripping the brew is ready for enjoyment.
Kaldista Coffee Plunger Coffee Icon


  • What you require is a plunger, hot water and ground coffee.
  • Water should be heated to approximately 95 degrees.
  • General rule of thumb is one to two tablespoons of coffee according to strength preference for every cup of coffee. Approximately 15g for every 200 ml of water.
  • Preheat the plunger, place the ground coffee in the plunger,soak the ground coffee and give a stir.
  • Fill the plunger with a balance of water and give it another stir after 2 minutes.
  • Place plunger lid and allow the coffee to brew for 3-4minutes.
    Plunge and enjoy.
Kaldista Coffee Moka Coffee Icon Dark

Moka Pot

  • Please ensure your moka pot is clean and ready for use.
  • Best place to start off is to ensure your grind is correct, you do not want fine salt like espresso grind, you need it coarser.
  • Fill the bottom of your pot with preheated hot water, just to below the pressure release valves.
  • Fill the basket with the ground coffee, please ensure not to compress.
  • Place the basket into the bottom half of the pot and place the top of the pot on please ensure to use cloth as the pot will be hot.
  • Place onto a heating source such as stove or gas burner.
  • Water will begin to evaporate resulting in pressure build up forcing the silky coffee to the top half of the pot.
  • Once you begin to hear a “gurgling” noise, remove from the heat source place under cool running water to stop the process.
  • Most importantly, sit down and enjoy your Kaldista coffee.
Dose Yield Hot water Milk Microfoam
Ristretto 18 g 18 ml 0 ml 0 ml 0 ml
Espresso 18 g 36 ml 0 ml 0 ml 0 ml
Lungo 18 g 54 ml 0 ml 0 ml 0 ml
Americano 18 g 36 ml 50-70 ml 0 ml 0 ml
Espresso Machiato 18 g 36 ml 0 ml 0 ml 15 ml
Cappucino 18 g 36 ml 150 ml 100 ml
Latte 18 g 36 ml 200 ml 50 ml
Latte Machiato 18 g 36 ml