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Although the word Kaldista sounds outlandish, it was established in Mooikloof on a hot summer’s day in a discussion held over a traditional braai.

Kaldi – the guy who discovered coffee beans
Barista – the person who whips up your coffee

Combine them and you get Kaldista Coffee Company, a name dreamed up in true South African style, on a hot summer’s day, around a braai by the ocean.

Kaldista is more than just another a coffee company – we have a culture that runs through everything we do. We’re Proudly South African, and we’re all about community, sustainability, coffee… and good vibes. One life, sip it!

At Kaldista Coffee Company, we can’t say that the perfect cup of coffee has been poured yet – but we won’t rest until it is. We hope you’ll join us on our journey from coffee beans to crema.

Some say we’re crazy, but we believe that the perfect cup is within reach. All we have to do is believe – and brew!

We’ve had the privilege of exploring some of the world’s most important coffee-growing regions, and we’ve sampled more coffee beans than you’ve had hot drinks.

We’re committed to this journey and to exploring the many varieties and flavour profiles out there, from the Americas to Africa. Along the way, we’ve made many friends among farmers and suppliers, and these relationships mean that we can bring you coffee beans grown sustainably, picked with love and traded fairly. Our suppliers share our values, and we trust you’ll be able to tell that each time you enjoy a cup of Kaldista coffee..

Kaldista Coffee About Image 01
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It didn’t happen in an instant, but South Africa is developing its own coffee culture.

People have discovered the difference that excellent coffee can make to their lives. Combined with the knowledge that ‘local is lekker’, this has led to a growing appreciation for Proudly South African artisanal coffee – a demand that Kaldista is happy to meet.

We’ve been blessed to find partners who share our sustainability philosophy, including the people who supply our Arabica beans, our packaging and our locally manufactured roaster and bagging machines.

We’ve researched and perfected blending and roasting methods that capture the unique flavours of each of our coffees, and that ensures you can enjoy consistent, complex and rewarding flavour profiles.

When you buy a bag of Kaldista coffee, you can be assured of its freshness, authenticity and the fact that unstinting skill and care went into every aspect of its creation.

By establishing mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationships from crop to cup, we’re inviting you to join us on our coffee journey, and to savour each nuance of the true Kaldista flavour.

In line with our company philosophy we aspire to associate with market leaders, so when partnering with a bean to cup coffee company there was no clearer choice then the Swiss company of Jura. At Kaldista Coffee Co, we offer full turn key solutions for the novice home user, to the professional corporate office space. Contact us now for a solution tailored to you – or read more about Jura’s product offering.

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At Kaldista Coffee Company, we are big on community, the environment and our futures.

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